Welcome to the practice of dr markus w. gallmeier

Practice for orthopaedic medicine and orthopaedic pain management, Nürnberg
member of ISIS International spine intervention society

Almost every person suffers pain at least once in their life in the spinal area (sciatica) or in the region of their throat, neck or shoulders.
In some cases these pains disappear by means of rest, physical therapies, remedial gymnastics or medicines, but they often also develop into chronic complaints. On the basis of their considerable and sustained back pain, many people think they have a slipped disc, which they associate with an open operation on the disc.

The patient often visits a great many doctors in vain, only in the end to learn that: "You just have to learn to live with this pain!" Yet often that does not have to be the case!
The objective of our treatment strategy is to recognise the actual cause of the back pain and to develop an individual treatment plan for each patient. Of course we also look after and guide the patient after the therapy.


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