Vita Dr. med. Markus W. Gallmeier

Orthopaedic specialist, Spine specialist

Born in Munich, the eldest of three children. Parents: Professor Dr W. M. Gallmeier (deceased), oncologist, former president of the Bavarian Cancer Society, Ingeborg L. Gallmeier, née. Specht, nursery teacher


  • Apprenticeship as a cabinet maker at the Rudolf Steiner School, Nuremberg
  • Diploma from the Chamber of Crafts Nuremberg, winner of the Middle Franconian guild award
  • Worked as a male nurse at the Rummelsberg institution of the Innere Mission Schwarzenbruck (a social service organisation of the Protestant Church)
  • Studiied medicine
  • Licensed to practice medicine
  • Doctorate
  • Recognition as orthopaedic specialist, Bavarian State Chamber of Phsysicians

Professional experience:

  • Assistant physician in the Department for Trauma Surgery, St. Barbara Clinic, Hamm/Westphalia, Head physician Dr H. Bülhoff
  • Junior house doctor City Centre Clinic, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Head physician Prof. Dr S. Schweiberer, Department for Trauma Surgery
  • Assistant orthopaedic doctor, Orthopaedic Clinic Wichernhaus, Rummelsberg/Schwarzenbruck Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. G. Zeiler
  • Resident doctor at the Taufkirchen Joint Orthopaedic Clinic for Orthopaedic and Spinal Pain Therapy Tutor in epidural spinal catheter technology
  • Schwabing Joint Orthopaedic Clinic in Munich Development of a specialist service in spinal pain management treatment under und Kollegen
  • Head of Orthopaedic Pain Management Treatment in Nuremberg Establishment of a specialist service in back pain treatment in Nuremberg Langwasser, in the EUROCOM
  • The Sebalder Höfe Health Centre Opening of Orthopaedic Pain Management Treatment in Nuremberg


  • Specialisation in minimally invasive pain management treatment of the spine
  • Numerous observations of practice and further training in this area under leading pain management therapists such as
    • Prof.L Krämer (Bochum),
    • Prof. Dr. Gabor Rácz,(in Budapest),
    • Dr. Bruno Kniesel (at his joint clinic in Hamburg)
  • The carrying out of over 10,000 minimally invasive pain management interventions in the spine with no complications.
  • Appointment to the Board of Directors of the (GIW) - German Spinal Intervention Society


  • ISIS (International Spinal Intervention Society, USA), Founder member of the European section
  • GIW (German Spinal Intervention Society), Founder member
    • Appointment to the Board of Directors of the Society
    • Nomination as "certified member" of the society
  • IGOST (International Society for Orthopaedic Pain Management Treatment)
  • WIP (World Institute of Pain)
  • BVO (Berufsverband der Fachärzte für Orthopädie, the German professional association of specialist orthopaedic doctors)


Sailing as a sport, skiing, modern painting