Specialisation profile of dr. med. markus w. gallmeier

Specialist Orthopaedic Doctor / Spinal Pain Management Therapy – Minimally invasive spinal pain management therapy

Over 10,000 minimally invasive interventions carried out with no complications since 1999

  • Learning about the minimally invasive treatment methods from well-known practitioners such as Professor Dr G. Racz (in Budapest), Dr B. Kniesel (in Hamburg), Professor Krämer (in Bochum) with intensive training and continuing education in this specialist field since 1999
  • Supervision of a non-surgical pain treatment ward at the Wichernhaus Orthopaedic Clinic at the Rummelsberg hospital in Schwarzenbruck
  • Tutor in pain management catheter technology at the Joint Clinic for Orthopaedic and Pain  Management Therapy in Taufkirchen
  • Development of a specialist service for spinal pain management therapy and application of all minimally invasive procedures in 2002 and 2003 at the Schwabing Joint Clinic in Munich, where around 1,200 minimally invasive image-controlled interventions were carried out in accordance with the criteria of the International Spinal Intervention Society (ISIS). Since 2004 orthopaedic pain management therapy in Nuremberg.


The following treatments are among those deployed:

  • Spinal catheter pain management treatment after Prof. Racz
  • Thermotherapy, i.e. a process that blocks nerve signals of the intervertebral joints (radio frequency lesioning)
  • Image-controlled thoracic epidural steroid injections (TESI) of the nerve roots / facet joints
  • Image-supported caudal (downward directed) flooding of the lumbar spine
  • Image-supported intra-disc processes such as nucleoplasty
  • Micro laser disc laser processes