Range of treatments:

  • Injuries and ailments affecting discs in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine (acute or chronic slipped discs and protrusions)

  • Nerve root stimulus syndrome (sciatica complaints)

  • Ailments from wear of the discs and vertebrae

  • Failed back surgery syndrome, i.e. painful conditions after disc operations radiating into the arms or legs.

  • General and sports-related orthopaedic disease patterns, such as ailments of the hip, knee and shoulder joints

  • Modern arthritis treatment processes

Our treatment principle for back and disc complaints is: minimal invasion, maximum effect.

By means of modern, minimally invasive treatments, i.e. methods that infiltrate only a little bit into the body, open operations on your back can often be avoided.
These interventions are only minimally stressful for patients and can almost always be carried out on an outpatient basis, without having to stay in hospital. This means that long rehabilitation periods are no-longer necessary and the patient can return more quickly to his normal daily routine and place of work.

At the same time with this procedure, the extremely painful build-up of scar tissue that often results from an operation is avoided.

With these minimally invasive methods, both the most frequently occurring acute ailments and most of the age-related ailments resulting from spinal wear can be treated.